Get Your Mind Right! 

If your in the gym and training hard, like most you have probably had that lift that just before you step up to the bar you think, “This is going to be really heavy.”  What tends to happen next is probably exactly what you thought was going to happen. You get to the hard part of the lift and you miss it. You already have it made up in your mind that your not going to get that lift. You don’t say it out loud but you know your thinking about it. Your previous set was heavy and you had a bit of a struggle.  Now you are right at or just above your previous personal best.  Why is it you start to doubt yourself?  What if you just didn’t?  There are some people that can just walk up to a task, and perform.  I am willing to bet they don’t have any “special powers” but they have the right mindset every time to step up to accomplish the task at hand.  Everyone has a process that get’s them to that point.

When you have 500+ pounds on your back to squat it.  Your best bet is to not have in your head that it is going to crush you into the ground.  If you take a weight that feels heavy, it is!  You took it out to lift it so do that.  It seems easy enough right?  At the surface it is kind of that easy.  Just lift the weight, If you’ve developed a plan and followed it up to this point then you should feel comfortable moving a particular weight or something close to what you are going after for the day.  So the point is, there has to be  a plan of attack.  You have to think about how you are going to complete a workout or a lift.  Now there is a difference if your just exercising or if you are training. As I want to focus on you keeping the right mindset I am not going to talk about that but  I think that the guys of The Barbell Shrugged Podcast summed this up nicely, check them out for more on that.  If you are having a hard time with gathering your mindset here are a few things to help you out:

  1. Get your mind right: Focus!  Understand and appreciate what it is you are here to do.  If you don’t understand and are not sure.  Get a coach!  This may help you get into the right mind set for the work that you have to do.  A lot of times we just need to hear that we can do something we are unsure about from someone else.
  2.  Practice good technique: Use lighter weights to perfect your technique.  This will maintain your strength for a longer period time.  It will also decrease your chances for injury. As you get stronger your technique will be there no matter what. Makke your set up te same every sngle time. Remember your body responds well to patterns, only if you create them.
  3. Relax! be patient. Before you step up to the bar even if your doing a workout at a high heart rate. Take a few deep breaths and it’s time to get to it.

Boom! Done and Done right?! Well, I guess from this point its really up to you. These are just a fee things that I’ve found helpful when coaching others. The struggles in the gym are not much different from the struggles at work or home. What we can control is our mind set toward what it is we have to do. So now, take control and try some of these exercises you are in the gym or at home or office when completing the task.  It will all work out if you believe it will, maybe not today or tomorrow but focus on the course and you’ll get there.  Good Luck!


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