So Here It Is

Going with something different for this post.  At least for a while, I’m going to write about my journey into opening my own gym.  I’ve hidden this from most people not inside of my immediate small circle.  I have been dabbling in this for just under a year and have had some small successes and some big failures for my standards.  Such is life though and the show must go on.

I got the idea for this like most do I think.  I have been training at a crossfit gym for around three years at the time but had been training much longer than that before then.  Looking around at what I saw I felt that I could do it “better.”  That’s not to say others weren’t doing it right, I just thought I had something different to offer.  So, tested the theory and started coaching group classes at the gym I was training at.  I found that I started to become fascinated with movement, technique and ways to improve those and to explain it to others in a not so confusing way.  From what I’ve been told I do a pretty good job.

So, what now? I dove in face first! Made a website, started doing a ton of random stuff with no real order to it.  Created a facebook page and put a free workout out there to try and get people at a friends gym that he let me use for only a few hours a day. I had no idea how to 1. Sell anything and 2. Was afraid to ask people for money.  Among other things like not understanding marketing.  The only think I knew that I was doing was starting.

Went through the new year and struggled with marketing, pricing, how I wanted to run the gym.  Where would I do it? The friend at the first location had grown his business and was now doing classes at the times I had. I hadn’t paid him any money because I didn’t have any.  Hoping I didnt ruin the relationship I returned the keys.

After weeks or maybe even months of twiddling my thumbs not really doing anything to  grow the business, home had gotten a little crazy and I had all but given up on the idea. Thinking there was no interest I was ready to walk away. Then, someone I had coached in the group classes asked if I would coach her one on one.  I honestly, wasn’t excited but I enjoyed helping and training others so I found out how the personal training was and we got started. After the first few sessions I really started to think that I could make this happen.  So I went home, talked my wife and asked her to be honest. “Do you think that we can do this?” Her response while supportive always had a sound of worry.  We don’t require and also don’t have much, we did have a new baby on the way!  Crazy time to start maybe?

So fast forward, 3 months from that point and I coach a few people online and one in person.  I rent some space and pay them a percentage of what I make.  This is where the journey starts for me.

I’ve bitten the bullet and decided that I want to have my own facility in an effort to  extend my reach and help more people, along with the online coaching I am doing now. Not having one has given the impression to many that I am not a “stable trainer.”  I also have a particular way I progress individuals in the movements so I want to stay true to that.  So far it has been interesting to say the least and at times stressful to try and figure out what it is to do from one day to the next.  I’m pretty patient, at least I like to think so.  We will see what happens next.  You are all caught up now and I’m sure there will be more next week.


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