Are You Ready?

How many of you have ever done a workout and while completing a movement in the workout, it just feels “wrong.”  Just an uncomfortable feeling, or even worse.  Have you ever felt pain?  I’ve heard people describe workouts as “painful” or they say, “Oh, that one hurt!” Are workouts supposed to be painful?  I don’t tend to think so.  Now they should be difficult or you wouldn’t get the results you are looking for but there shouldn’t be any pain or there is something wrong.  If your experiencing physical pain during a workout, whether on your own, with a group or individually with a trainer/coach.  You may want to get that checked out.  Now, this does not mean that you can’t work out and that it can’t be intense and deliver you the right results.  It does mean a few things:

  1. You may need to see a health care professional depending on if you have significant pain with the particular movement.
  2. You need to modify your movements.  You just may not be able to go into a certain position ever again. If you go to press overhead and experience significant pain during the movement, if it cannot be fixed or improved then you can modify the movement to still get similar results and get very strong.
  3. You don’t need intensity.  At least in the beginning.  High intensity training for beginners is almost always not completely necessary and for some improving your movement in your squat and dead lift can be very intense for some beginners.  However, when you are significantly increasing your heart rate and have poor movement patterns you are basically asking for setbacks due to injury.  Your body will not allow you to continue to move poorly and be uncomfortable during that movement and will eventually hurt you to stop you from doing the same thing over again.  Earn the ability to increase you intensity and increase your strength over time.

This sounds like I’m saying you should stretch and do a ton of mobility exercises.  Well, yeah.  I am.  Only to an extent.  Basic rules are if you can’t breathe increase your aerobic capabilities while improving your mobility and stability.  Running and other steady state cardio exercises are great for this.  ( Think Running, Jump Rope, Assault Bike, Rower)  Mix those up in any combination for the first 30 day along with specific mobility exercises depending on what you are having difficulty with.  During this time mix in some of  those movements because bottom line is; if you want to be good at something you have to do it often.  Combine this with decent eating habits and you are going to start to see the light toward your fitness goals within the first 30 days. Then you will be ready to add consistency to your newly found quality movement patterns and once you are comfortable with the movement now, add intensity to the movements and continue to head toward your goals.  The best part is, while this is not the short 8 week fitness ideal it will last you for a very long time as long as you remain consistent.

So before you start to work on newer movements that you’ve never done before or you haven’t done often.  Ask yourself, “If I don’t know about this movement, should I be doing it?” “Should I ask for a modification until I have adequate time to learn it.”  The time to learn is not in the heat of a high intensity workout.  Slow down and get it done right! Thanks for reading, Stay safe.



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