What you think vs. What others think

I was getting off work the other day and a co-worker that knows I am a trainer/coach was talking to me about her trainer that she has and how she has been getting her butt kicked.  Obviously proud of the work she has been doing.  She also talked about how much weight she had lost since starting with her. I had read stories of success from my own clients all day to include my wife and her weight loss! Which I am pretty proud of as well. We exchanged stories and she then asked me; “Do you know how many people have noticed?” Referring to how many have given her a compliment or congratulated her on her weight loss.  Now, to be honest if she didn’t mention anything to me I wouldn’t have noticed at that particular moment either.

I then wondered, Why was that out of everything she just told me something that seemed so important to her was that others around her noticed?  Maybe, that was part of her why.  Everyone likes to have those words of affirmation and since EMS is within her circle of friends/people maybe she thought someone, anyone! Would notice.

I didn’t take the conversation any further but simply asked, “Are you happy with what you’ve done, how you feel, and how you look?” She says, “Yes, I feel better.”  Now that wasn’t exactly what I asked but she does know that when it’s all said and done if your not happy, people can say whatever they want, but you have to find your why and then decide if that is going to be enough to satisfy you.  Most people fail at their goals because they undershoot them.  They don’t go big enough.  You think of yourself as small, so you stay small.

Stay motivated with whatever it is that your doing, make sure your reasons align with what would make you truly happy and attack that goal or dream with everything you have.

Mic Drop!


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