Barriers to Success

As animals we are built to keep ourselves safe.  Safe by whatever that means to you, safe from a physical, mental or psychological threats.  These are the things that more often than not keep us from our goals and hold us back from reaching what we may even see as success in our lives.  Now, I don’t think this applies to everyone.  Check that, I do think this applies to everyone and has at some point in time in their life.

How many times have you had an idea, but held back on it because you told yourself or even better.  The people close to you told you that it didn’t make any sense or that it was stupid?  This isn’t something we run into as adults, you have probably experienced a time where you thought you were right about something but then were shamed in that moment as you were completely wrong.  Well, congratulations!  Those experiences as a child have carried over to what you do in your life from one day to the next and the decisions you make around what success looks like to you.

So, what does this have to do with exercise?  It’s simple, the same things that hold you back from reaching your goals, whether that be lose 10 pounds or increase your bench by 20 pounds at some point that process is going to present barriers that are going to slow your progress and keep you from your goal. Similar to if you wanted to start a business or change jobs.  There are certain things or “problems” that you could perceive as a threat or as uncomfortable.  These are moments that make us uncomfortable or that we perceive as threats to the safety we have made in our lives.  There is nothing wrong with feeling safe, I have a wife, two kids and a home.  It’s important to me that they feel safe and that I can provide that for them.  It’s  also important that I am around to see there happiness within that safety that I am trying to provide for them.

You have to figure out what your barriers are, it may be financial, time, family, friends.  More than likely, it’s just you.  None of those other things or people control the decisions that we make or how we feel about the work we do. Your self talk and the barriers that you put in front of yourself is what’s going to stop you from making the changes you want.  You are 100% accountable/responsible for every change you make in your life.  When you own that responsibility, it’s easy to make certain decisions.

So, I like to ask this one question every week when checking in with my members.  What is the one thing you can change today, to head toward what your goals are?  Goals can be short or long term, so 1, 3, 5 year goals.  If you make a decision that your going to try, what would you have to do to head in that direction? Make the decision, then act on it.  You may find that it is difficult but exciting at the same time.  Good Luck!


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